Engineered Vermin Proofing

The problem with vermin ingress is the time taken to get back in control. In a world where a single negative social media experience can have a long term impact on a restaurant business, it's critical to get a fast and permanent resolution.


Pest control has it's place but when it's got to a point where there's no resolution in sight, and you're not getting the answers you need, it's time to bring in Terminal Services and get that infestation dealt with once and for all..

Our Engineers will use modern technology to find and track the vermin, and our builders will build them out, permanently.

We don't use traps, poison, bait boxes, powder, pheromones, or diatomaceous earth. Although they resolve the symptoms of an infestation, none of those resolve the problem.

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Terminal Services is Vermin Proofing arm of the DSI group of companies 

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